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Nationwide Changes to Alimony Laws

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The Chicago Tribune featured an article last week that detailed a bill signed into law by New Jersey Governor Chris Christie that will effectively end lifetime alimony payments to former spouses. In sum, the law will limit the required time of alimony payments to be equal to or shorter than the duration of the parties’ marriage for any couple married for less than 20 years. Additionally, alimony payments will likely cease once the payee retires.

Numerous states across the country ranging from Massachusetts to Colorado have passed similar law into effect, citing outdated norms as the primary reason for the reform. According to the U.S Bureau on Labor Statistics, women, who are largely the receivers of such alimony payments, comprise 47% of the US labor force as compared to just 30% in 1950. Senators from New Jersey and across the country took notice of the outdated trends that infiltrated old laws and saw the need for change.

While this new law has yet to be introduced into New York practice, the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers encouraged laws restricting alimony amount and duration as early as 2007. Due to this press for change, New Yorkers should take notice and prepare accordingly for whatever new law may come about.

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