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Are you unhappy with your current representation and looking to change counsel?

Unfortunately, clients are often unhappy with the attorney they initially hired, whether it be that the attorney is slow in responding to your phone calls or emails or neglecting them outright, they do not have the family or matrimony law experience, or that they are not representing you vigorously and zealously enough.  Whatever the scenario may be, if you are not happy with your representation, you are more than entitled to, and should change attorneys.  The divorce process can be an incredibly challenging one, and you should feel confident and comfortable with who is representing you.

Changing attorneys is not a complicated process, and one our office is very familiar with.  We will contact your prior attorney to make sure that the balance of any unused fees and your file is returned to you.  Our office will also alert the court, the opposing attorney, and any other persons involved.  The transition is handled with ease and professionalism.  All you need to do is sign a consent to change attorney form prepared by our office.

It is extremely important to feel positive and satisfied with your choice of representation.  The Law Office of Jay D. Raxenberg has a plethora of experience with all divorce and family law issues, as the firm has been only involved with this area of practice for nearly twenty years.

If you are interested in selecting a new firm that is professional, efficient, and experienced, contact the Law Office of Jay D. Raxenberg at (516) 491-0565 or toll free at (516)491-0565.

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