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Fathers’ Rights versus Mothers’ Rights

As social conventions regarding the family unit have changed, the fathers’ rights movement has gained momentum. This is based on the increasing frequency with which fathers take the role of the stay-at-home parent or have a greater or equal hand in raising the children. This is a fair and just view which allows the rights of fathers to be protected where they may otherwise have been violated. It is important to ensure, however, that this process does not allow mothers to become overlooked or disadvantaged.

In any decisions regarding children of a marriage which is ending, the court is required to give equal consideration to both the mother and the father. By being represented by a Long Island divorce attorney, you will have an advocate for your rights fighting to see that this does occur. In custody matters, a court will consider many factors, including which parent has been the primary caregiver to the children. Any history of child abuse or neglect, or domestic violence, will also be considered, amongst many other factors.

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The court will always endeavor to operate and issue orders per the best interests of the child. The attorneys at The Law Offices of Jay D. Raxenberg are well-versed in presenting your case to illustrate how your wishes align with this main guiding factor. They are able to competently assist you not just with custody matters, but also child support, spousal support, and any legal issues concerning your children. They feel strongly about protecting your rights as a mother and are sensitive to the fact that the determination of these matters is of great consequence in your life.

Contact a Long Island divorce lawyer for help protecting for your rights as a mother.

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