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Filing for divorce in Long Island?

When considering filing for divorce or separating from your spouse, several things are extremely important to keep in mind. Do you and your current spouse agree on the grounds of the divorce? If you have children, who will gain custody of the kids? How will you figure in child support and spousal support? How do you plan to divide your property?

If you and your spouse can without a doubt answer all of these questions to the full extent with absolutely no disagreements, you may find yourself in a simple and easy divorce. However, this is not the case with virtually any couples filing for divorce in Long Island. In almost all divorce cases, some type of disagreement arises, even after the couple has seemingly agreed upon everything. When this occurs, it will be extremely important to your future and your children’s futures to procure legal advice from a skilled and seasoned Long Island divorce attorney as soon as possible.

When complex issues arise surrounding your divorce or legal separation matter, I, family lawyer Jay D. Raxenberg, have been known to skillfully and successfully mediate. Mediation from an experienced family law attorney can help you and your spouse resolve your legal issues surrounding your divorce in a matter of days, rather than fighting for months and months with your spouse attempting to resolve the issue yourselves.

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When working work me, you can rest assured that I will devote my personalized time and effort to ensuring that your rights are protected and your best interests are always kept in mind. At my firm, our legal team works diligently day in and day out to provide high quality legal representation by using our unmatched knowledge of the legal system surrounding divorce in Long Island.

To learn more about hiring a mediator for your divorce, contact a Long Island divorce lawyer at my firm today.

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