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Relocating When Children are Involved

Divorce can be one of the most trying experiences in a person’s life; when children are involved the time surrounding the period of divorce is often more complicated and sometimes more upsetting as well. The decision to dissolve a marriage, no matter how long a couple was together, is almost always a difficult on, and when children come into play there are even more decisions that need to be considered. Along with custody issues, the matters of child support and visitation rights will also need to be established. Oftentimes, parents engage in mediation in order to best determine how the division of time with their children will be allocated.

The terms agreed upon at the time of a legal separation or full-out divorce are representative of the needs of the splitting couple as well as the best interests of the children at that time. However, those needs and interests can change. For example, after some time following the divorce one parent may decide to move. If the move includes the children, the relocation could jeopardize the other parent’s ability to visit their children as often as they would like – as often as was agreed upon. In these situations, a Long Island divorce attorney should be contacted to help ensure that your parental and legal rights to your children are not sacrificed during any type of relocation.

Relocation Lawyer in Long Island

When a divorced couple has children, the custodial parent may not up and leave at their will. Laws regulating the relocation of parents exist specifically to ensure that children of a divorce are not moved away from one of their parents without mutual agreement regarding the matter.

Parental alienation or a grandparents’ rights to their children could be dramatically affected by the relocation of one spouse if the children are taken along in the move. For this very reason, modifications to prior custody and support agreements may need to be made in order to accommodate the new lifestyles of each parent. Whether you are in need of legal representation to protect against the move of your children, or you are looking to create a modification to your divorce agreements to allow for relocation, having a competent and knowledgeable attorney by your side will prove to be of great benefit.

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