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Parental alienation is known as the event when one parent attempts to destroy the relationship between his or her children with the other parent. It has been known to take many different forms, such as using another individual or a grandparent to put down the other parent in the eyes of the children. Children look up to their parents and when one maliciously assails the other, the children may be left feeling confused and unsure who to believe.

Cases of parental alienation in Long Island have also been associated with allegations of domestic violence, abuse, neglect, mental disorders and other deteriorating psychological impacts on children. In other equally serious cases, alienation involves parents inflicting physical or emotional harm on their children or placing them in dangerous situations. If you have reason to believe that your child is the victim of parental alienation attempts, do not hesitate to secure legal representation immediately.

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I, Long Island family law attorney Jay D. Raxenberg, offer my services to residents suffering family legal matters including divorce, legal separation, child custody, visitation rights, alimony, mediation and parental alienation. If you are experiencing a difficult family legal issue, do not wait to call me. The law surrounding family matters such as parental alienation is extremely complex, and will require the skilled experience of a Long Island family lawyer well-versed in all areas of the law. At my firm, we are ready to seek justice at any cost. I will always keep the best interests of you and your children in mind as I fight relentlessly on your behalf. For more information on parental alienation and how hiring a family law attorney will be beneficial to your case, call me today!

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