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How to go About Getting a Divorce Settlement

One of the first things to consider when deciding to file for divorce is a qualified Long Island divorce lawyer who can help you prepare an accurate and beneficial divorce settlement that will assist you in moving forward with your life. There are many vital issues to address when obtaining a marital agreement, and this is where The Law Offices of Jay D. Raxenberg can help you with an advantageous divorce settlement.

Maintaining financial security is one of the top priorities to consider during divorce. The legal team at the firm will analyze your financial situation, all assets and liabilities of the marriage, the children’s needs and future expenses, as well as support for you if you are entitled to spousal support. All relevant issues must be carefully addressed, including retirement benefits, health insurance, college costs, the marital home and cost of living expenses.

Protecting Your Rights

The firm strives to protect your rights by aggressively negotiating for all possible benefits and compensation you may be entitled to under divorce laws. They are well-versed in equitable distribution laws in the state, in addition to being able to vigorously negotiate with your spouse or their attorney in seeking a favorable settlement on your behalf. Having represented celebrities in their divorces, the firm understands the importance of taking every opportunity to keep your information confidential while at the same time diligently fighting for your rights.

A successfully settlement agreement should result in your divorce leaving you financially able to support your lifestyle and the wellbeing of your children. It is their goal as your attorneys to strive to achieve that goal on your behalf.

Contact a Long Island divorce attorney for a well-prepared and thorough settlement agreement that can lead to a beneficial outcome for you and your family.

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