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Helping Gay and Lesbian Clients in Divorce and Post-Divorce Matters

Are you a gay or lesbian partner who needs legal representation with a same sex divorce, dissolution of a same sex domestic partnership, or civil union in Long Island? Just as in a divorce between straight married partners, you deserve legal protection of your rights in regards to assets, property, child custody, visitation, child support, and maintenance. You can get the kind of compassionate and experienced legal support and representation you need from the Law Offices of Jay D. Raxenberg. As a Long Island divorce attorney, Jay Raxenberg focuses exclusively on the legal practice of divorce and family law, which gives our firm a distinct advantage in providing legal service of the highest quality and competence.

About Same Sex Divorce

Divorce is a difficult experience for anyone, regardless of your sexual orientation. The breakup of an intimate relationship and family dynamic is often a painful and traumatic experience for all parties involved. At such a difficult time in your life, you need caring and trusted legal counsel from a divorce attorney who is fully-versed in the laws, procedures, and local court systems that handle divorce and all of the attendant issues, such as child custody, child support, equitable distribution of property, spousal maintenance, modifications of court orders, and more. Our firm can assist you throughout the divorce process, through negotiation and compromise of settlement terms or through civil litigation in the courts.

It is extremely important that you fully understand your rights and responsibilities pursuant to a divorce. Our firm can ensure that you understand all of the legal ramifications of your divorce and divorce terms and can help you make wise decisions throughout a legal process that can have long-lasting effects on your finances, family relationships, and future. We are here to assist you with responsive attention and skilled and knowledgeable service.

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