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Spousal support, commonly referred to as alimony and sometimes spousal maintenance, is an amount of money paid from one ex-spouse to another after the termination of a marriage. Spousal support is a key issue that must be resolved in any legal separation or divorce in Long Island.

My name is Jay Raxenberg, and as a Long island divorce lawyer I understand how to deal with these matters. I can talk to you about the ramifications of a spousal support or alimony arrangement and what it may mean to you as the spouse that is required to pay support or who is entitled to receive support. I can offer you information about how spousal support may affect you for tax purposes, as well as how you may be able to offset alimony with equity in a home, pensions or other options. I am also familiar with the modification of a spousal support arrangement that has already been made, if a significant change in circumstances warrants this change.

About Spousal Support in Long Island

First of all, what is the difference between spousal support and spousal maintenance or is there a difference at all. Spousal support is payments made from a husband to his wife while they are still married. Spousal maintenance is payments made once the divorce has been finalized. When seeking to determine the amount that should be paid, the judge will examine the following expenses: housing, clothing, food, medical care, education, insurance, and more. These payments could be temporary or for life, depending on the specific circumstances. In order to begin the process of getting spousal support, the first thing you will have to do is file a support petition with the family court in your county.

When filing this petition, it can be helpful to have a legal representative helping you ensure that it is completed and filed correctly. To learn more about spousal support and spousal maintenance, please do not hesitate to call our firm.There are different ways in which spousal support may be awarded by the court or agreed upon by spouses in a divorce. Support may be temporary, allowing a spouse to seek alimony while undergoing continuing education or until a young child is old enough to go to school.

  • Support may last for several years or possibly for life, depending on the specific length of the marriage and other factors.
  • In some cases, spousal support may end once the receiving spouse remarries or lives with another person.
  • The length of marriage, standard of living enjoyed by both parties, age and health of both spouses and various other factors will determine what amount of spousal support may be paid and for how long.

Find out more about spousal support and how it relates to your Long Island divorce. Contact my firm today and see what a difference a Long Island divorce attorney can make in your case.

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