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If you are feeling harassed, threatened, and even stalked by a former partner, current spouse or relative, feelings of fear and helplessness can negatively impact your life and the lives of any children involved. Obviously, if you are feeling immediately threatened you should call 911 to ensure your safety. Know that you are not alone and there is help. An experienced and caring Long Island divorce lawyer may be able to help you seek an order of protection to prevent future threat, harassment and abuse. The Law Offices of Jay D. Raxenberg has a proven track record of protecting their clients during the most difficult periods life can dish out. The firm has earned the trust of their clients because they will tenaciously fight to protect their clients in every way possible. If you are feeling threatened and afraid, they will aggressively fight to protect you, your rights, and your safety.

Filing an Order of Protection in New York

Petitioning the courts for an order of protection against a potentially dangerous person, known as the Respondent in legal terminology, requires that certain conditions exist. Orders of protection can be issued by the court in cases where one of the following types of previous relationships can be established:

  • You are related to the respondent by either marriage or blood.
  • You are currently married to or were previously married to the Respondent.
  • You are either currently or were previously involved in an intimate relationship with the Respondent. It should be noted that a casual acquaintance or someone associated within a typical social context is not considered an intimate relationship.
  • You share a child with the Respondent.

An order of protection will direct the respondent not to assault, threaten, or harass you. When petitioning for an order of protection, there are additional conditions you can request from the court. For instance, you may ask that the order extend to both your home and workplace. You can specifically ask that the Respondent be directed not to contact you by phone at home or work. If a child custody issue is involved, you can ask that the order of protection extends to your children. You can ask for a police escort to return to a common household to retrieve your belongings.

A compassionate and trusted attorney from the firm will listen to your concerns and may be able to help you petition for an order of protection that allows you to feel more secure. They will tirelessly apply their considerable skills and knowledge to help protect you and help keep you safe.

Contact a Long Island divorce attorney as soon as possible to help protect you when you are feeling harassed or threatened.

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