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Property division is an issue that will need to be addressed in a Long Island divorce. During a marriage, spouses will accumulate property, assets and debt. When the marriage ends, it will be necessary to determine the fair allocation of these things. In an uncontested divorce, the spouses will reach their own agreement regarding these items. In a contested divorce, the judge will make a ruling regarding property, asset and liability division. Depending on the particular situation, property division may be extremely complex, particularly if retirement accounts, businesses, pensions, a great deal of property, and high assets are involved.

Involving an attorney to assist you with property division in relation to your Long Island divorce is important. You need someone who can stand up for your rights and properly represent your interests, and that is exactly what I can do as a Long Island divorce attorney. I have more than 19 years of experience in this field and the resources to properly evaluate your particular financial situation, assets, property and debt to determine how the division of property may affect you and your spouse in your divorce.

Determining Property, Asset and Debt Division

Because there are many issues to consider in a property division matter in Long Island, I may work with economists, appraisers, business evaluators, pension appraisers and accountants to determine what property is worth, whether it should be considered marital property, and how it should logically be divided. In any event, I will work to understand your unique situation and how I can assist you in order to offer you the legal help you need. We are talking about your financial security and your future, and I will assert your interests to the fullest extent of the law.

For a free review of your property division case in Long Island, contact a Long Island divorce attorney at my offices today!

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