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How Do Natural Disasters Impact Divorce Rates?

In the midst of all the chaos that has gone on in Houston due to Hurricane Harvey, and the disastrous impact that Hurricane Irma produced, natural disasters remain a hot topic of conversation. In addition to all of the physical and financial damage that these natural disasters cause, these natural disasters also have a substantial…

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Nuptial Agreements: Not Always a Full-Proof Plan

Nuptial Agreements: Not Always a Full-Proof Plan There are a whole host of opinions and views surrounding the concepts of “prenuptial and postnuptial agreements.” While some see it as a premonition of failure or as an insulting slap in the face others consider it a necessity put in place to protect their hard earned fortunes…

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Valentine’s Day: Can Valentine’s Day spike a Divorce?

Valentine’s Day can be viewed as the most loving holiday of the year, or it can make a person realize how unhappy they actually are in their relationship. What makes the holiday of love, spike divorce actions? The article Valentine’s Day: Day of Love or Day To Pull The Plug? by Richard Segal and Jason…

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Managing the Holidays: After or During a Divorce

The Holiday’s can become a stressful period of time for anyone, but how can people after or during a divorce cope with the major transition of separation during the Holidays? The article Happier Holidays During and After Divorce by Jane Zatylny explains that preparation and creating new traditions are key to dealing with the Holiday’s.…

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Mistakes in High Net Divorces

High net worth divorces tend to have a heightened potential for mistakes on both sides.  Clients will often agree to anything just to get out of the marriage.  However, agreeing to terms such as maintenance, or division of assets and liabilities just to get away from a person can have devastating effects on you financially. …

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Jay D. Raxenberg, Esq. – Guest Speaker at Touro Law

The Law Offices of Jay D. Raxenberg, P.C. is proud to announce that Mr. Raxenberg will be a featured speaker at Touro Law School this upcoming Wednesday, May 20, 2016 at 5:30 p.m.  He will share his journey into matrimonial law and, without disclosing the identities of any parties, he will discuss some interesting cases…

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Child of Divorce Shares Why She is Glad Her Parents Split

Through the divorce process, children learn a lot about respectful communication and creative conflict resolution.  It allows them to see how difficult adjustments can bring about positive changes in an otherwise negative situation.  In her article, “My Parents Split Up When I was 13. Here’s Why I’m Glad They Did,” Tara Eisenhard, whose parents divorced…

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Don’t Let the Word “Pre-Nup” Scare You

While Prenuptial Agreements aren’t nearly as appealing to talk about as wedding cakes or honeymoons, they can help you avoid financial issues later in life.  Some couples might feel as though a pre-nup has a divorce stigma attached to it, but it can actually be a great opportunity to get on the same page for…

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Legal Mistakes You May Make In Your Divorce

Going through a divorce will undoubtedly be a significant change in a person’s life. It’s a change that won’t just affect the separating spouses, but an entire family both close and extended. What many who are seeking a divorce don’t realize is the intense process it is both mentally and legally draining. Often times this…

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