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Married individuals enjoy various privileges in New York, including the ability to be listed on the other spouse’s medical insurance. This is of tremendous importance when considering the cost of medical and health benefits, as well as the major cost of uncovered medical expenditures such as co-payments.

Additionally, assets obtained during the marriage, according to New York law, are generally presumed to be marital even if title is vested in one spouse only. Unwed and unmarried parties never enjoy this presumption and never become owners of property their partner obtains unless placed on title. In the event of a divorce, marital assets will be distributed “equitably” and based upon numerous factors.

Further, spouses are charged under the law to maintain a level of support for the other spouse. Although issues concerning child support are always available to unmarried individuals, since the financial support of the child is of paramount importance to courts, alimony or spousal support (also known as maintenance) is not available to unmarried individuals.

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The marital entity is a recognized status that the state respects, carrying with it rights, obligations and responsibilities. If you are considering marriage, or divorce, you should be fully informed as to your rights to property entitlement, support and other matters. Of course, marriage is wonderful and should be enjoyed. The last thing you will want to deal with is the headache of a split-up or divorce. Marriage contracts, pre-nuptial or post-nuptial agreements may be right to protect your assets or define obligations. Having knowledge of what takes place in a divorce action, regrettable as it may sound, is something that the modern individual needs. Being prepared and knowledgeable only enhances the possibility that you do not get cheated or left defenseless.

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