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Husband tricks wife into fake nuptials, divorces her, then takes apartment

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The New York Post recently posted an article entitled “Husband tricks wife into fake nuptials, divorces her, then takes apartment.”

According to the Post, when  a New York resident and boutique owner went to file for divorce, she was shocked to find out that her 2010 wedding had been a sham.  Her and her spouse had married on a beach in Mexico, but the couple never got a basic marriage license.

The wife claims that her spouse told her that her name did not need to be on the deed to their one million dollar Tribeca apartment, since they were “legally married”.

The husband is trying to evict the wife from their two bedroom apartment and the wife is struggling to save her claim to the home.  She claims to have spent an immense amount of time and money renovating the apartment and is devastated that she may have no legal claim, financial or otherwise to the apartment.

So far, despite the wife’s lawyer’s argument that the pair’s marriage should be official since the wedding was officiated by an ordained minister and it was a Jewish-style ceremony, a judge has ruled that it is not a legally binding marriage.

It appears now that the court will attempt to take a step back as this is now considered a “private affair” due to the absence of an official, legally binding marriage.

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