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Parental Relocation

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A recent New York case permitted the mother to relocate to Georgia with the parties’ child.  The reason behind this decision is the court found that the mother established by a preponderance of evidence that the move was in the child’s best interest.

The mother wanted to move to Georgia with the child because her new husband works there and owns a three-bedroom house.  The mother had sole custody and had been his primary caregiver throughout the child’s life.  Additionally the father was not very present or involved in his son’s life and even went a full year without communicating with his child.  The court found that the move would be beneficial for the child educationally, emotionally, and economically.  The child had developed a strong and supportive relationship with his mother’s new husband and with his new half sister.  Moreover, the child also expressed his own personal desire to move to Georgia.

The father was awarded a liberal visitation schedule and extended visitation during school vacations, including summers.

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