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Divorce and the Dangers of Electronic Data

In today’s society, everything is accessible at the touch of our fingertips, our emails, texts, social medial accounts, etc.  It has become the new normal to connect our emails and text messages through multiple devices, like our cell phones and iPads.   So how can this effect those individuals going through a divorce? Well, the article…

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Buying a House after a Divorce

This week, the US News featured an article entitled, “How to Get a Mortgage After a Divorce.” The article focused on the unique obstacles faced by recently divorced or divorcing individuals when they attempt to buy a new home. Divorce can be difficult for a myriad of reasons; breaking away from someone you once loved…

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Domestic Violence in the Media

This week, the New York Time featured an article entitled, “N.H.L. Suspends Kings’ Voynov After Arrest on Domestic Violence Charges.” Slava Voynov is a professional hockey player for the Los Angeles Kings and a member of the Russian Olympic team. Late Sunday night, a neighbor called the police after hearing a woman screaming and crying.…

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10 Reasons I’m a Better Person Because My Parents are Divorced

Yesterday, The New York Post featured an article entitled, “10 Reasons I’m a Better Person Because My Parents are Divorced.” The article was written by Elizabeth Kiefer, a woman whose parents divorced when she was thirteen years old. Looking back, Kiefer explains that when she was young, she thought her parents’ divorce was the worst…

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Where Can You File a Petition to Modify a Custody Order?

Can you file for a custody modification in your home state, even when your ex-spouse and child have relocated to another state? In a recent Second Department Case, the court was presented with this question. A mother filed a petition in Queens Family Court to modify the existing custody order which granted the father sole…

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Precedent- Setting Asset Division

Financial testimony has just begun in the divorce of oil tycoon Harold Hamm from wife, Sue Ann Hamm. Harold Hamm established Continental Resources, a leading drilling company primarily based in North Dakota. Presently, Hamm owns a sizeable 68% of the company and many regard him as owning the most oil in the United States. While…

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Parental Relocation

A recent New York case permitted the mother to relocate to Georgia with the parties’ child.  The reason behind this decision is the court found that the mother established by a preponderance of evidence that the move was in the child’s best interest. The mother wanted to move to Georgia with the child because her…

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Divorce Rate Skyrockets for Long-Term Marriages

The divorce and separation rate for long-time married couples is at an all time high.  AARP recently posted an article entitled, “Why Long Married Couples End In Separation Or Divorce?” AARP recently conducted a study on the sexuality of people aged 45 and older.  One of the results of that study was that an extramarital…

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5 Steps To Take Online If You Are Going Through A Divorce

Nowadays, most people spend a good portion of their day online.  Because of this, there are certain things divorcing people must keep in mind.  FoxNews recently published an article entitled, “Divorcing? 5 things to do online now.”   The first tip FoxNews had for divorcing individuals is to change your online passwords.  A study by…

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New York Courts Allow For Modifications of Child Custody Agreements

The Appellate Division of the New York Supreme Court recently decided a case involving the modification of child custody agreements. This case, In re Graziani C.A., was an appeal made by a mother from a case in which the court granted the children’s father sole custody.  The father had been awarded sole custody by the lower…

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