Valentine’s Day: Can Valentine’s Day spike a Divorce?

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Valentine’s Day can be viewed as the most loving holiday of the year, or it can make a person realize
how unhappy they actually are in their relationship. What makes the holiday of love, spike divorce

The article Valentine’s Day: Day of Love or Day To Pull The Plug? by Richard Segal and Jason
Marks, explains that for many people, they are disappointed in how their Valentine’s Day went which
often leads to questioning of the relationship and if they are truly happy with the person they are
married to. Valentine’s Day is the national holiday of love, which means almost everyone in the country
is obsessing over their loved one, posting on social media how happy they are or how amazing their
Valentine’s Day was, or bragging about what gifts their spouse got them. If someone had a horrible
Valentine’s Day and their friends, family or acquaintances are bragging about how wonderful there day
was, this can ignite feelings of hatred, sadness and the need to want to get out of a relationship and feel

Another reason Valentine’s Day can spike a divorce is because it’s right after the commotion of the
Holiday season. Everyone becomes so busy about Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukah, Kwanza and New
Years, they don’t focus on themselves and their needs. Once the Holidays finish and the commotion
dies down, people seem to self focus on what they want or their unhappiness and realize the best
solution is to get out of their marriage.

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