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Divorcing Spouses Beware: How Facebook Could Prejudice the Outcome of Your Pending Divorce Action

This week Mirror Daily featured an article entitled, “Facebook Now Crops Up in a Third of Divorce Cases over Cheating and Old Flames”, written by Samantha Yule. According to the article, a recent survey of matrimonial firms’ caseloads revealed that social media is increasingly relied upon as proof of inappropriate behavior in divorce actions. Specifically,…

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Everyone Deserves the Right to Divorce, Kentucky Agrees

A Jefferson Family Court judge granted Kentucky’s first same-sex divorce. Judge Joseph O’Reilly permitted the divorce of two Louisville women who were legally married in Massachusetts.   While Judge O’Reilly issued this decision on December 29th, 2014, he waited until now to publicize the decision “so that it would become and couldn’t be challenged.” However,…

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Don’t Forget Your Vows, Change Them

This week, the Huffington Post published an article entitled “Forgotten Vows,” written by Susan Saper Galamba, a divorce and family law attorney. The article directed the reader’s attention to the meaning of wedding day vows and how even after divorce some aspects of the vows still remain true.   During the divorce process, tolerance of…

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Who Gets the Family Pet Upon Divorce?

Recently, the Las Vegas Review Journal featured an article entitled “Spouses Tangle Over Pets in Divorce Court”, written by Carri Geer Thevenot. The article focused on the complications many divorcing couples face when they cannot agree upon who will get the family pet upon dissolution of the marriage.   In a survey completed last February,…

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Why Long Married Couples Split Up

This week, AARP featured an article entitled “Why Long Married Couples Split Up—Is Cheating Always the Kiss of Death?”, written by Dr. Pepper Schwartz. As eluded to in the title, this article discusses the various reasons why couples who have been married twenty, thirty or even forty years eventually decide to file for divorce.  …

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Celebrating New Years and the Start of Divorce Month

The month of January typically sees the most new divorce filings of the calendar year, earning it the nickname, ‘Divorce Month.’ This week, the Huffington Post featured several articles about the overabundance of divorce actions being commenced at the start of a new year.   In his article, When Divorce is a New Year’s Resolution,…

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Surviving the Holidays After or During a Divorce

The holidays are undoubtedly one of the most difficult times of the year for divorced and broken families. This is especially true during the first few years after the divorce when families are still trying to re-build and transition to the new family unit. This week, the Huffington Post featured a number of articles about…

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New York State Divorce—It’s Business, Not Personal

This week Buffalo Business First featured an article entitled, “Divorce – It’s Business, Not Personal”, written by Steven Wiseman, a New York matrimonial attorney. The article focused on New York’s divorce system and the unhappiness it causes many divorcing spouses. “There is a simple reason why many people going through a divorce are unhappy with…

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Why You Should Consider Entering into a Prenuptial Agreement

This week the Huffington Post featured an article entitled, “Prenuptial Agreements for Peace of Mind and Post-Coital Bliss.” The article, co-authored by a family lawyer and a financial planner, focused on the potential benefits of entering into a prenuptial agreement with a future spouse. A prenuptial agreement is a contract entered into before marriage. The…

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