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Divorcing Seniors: Tips to Remember

A recent Bowling Green State University study revealed that the divorce rate for Americans over the age of 50 has nearly doubled since 1990. Of this generation of divorcees, approximately 48% were divorcing their first spouse. All divorce proceedings are tied to unique problems, however seniors that elect to end their marriage, particularly from their…

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Becoming The Brady Bunch: Blending Families After A Divorce

When you have children and you are going through a divorce, you must always remember that the children will always have their mother and father, even when the family becomes blended with new spouses and siblings.  In a recent Huffington Post article, “What Kids With Divorced Parents Need To Remember,” Rebecca Ryan discusses her life…

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5 Myths to Legally Separate From (even if you’re single)

There tends to be several common misconceptions or “myths” regarding divorce, even amongst those who may not necessarily be seeking a divorce.  This is partially because of the fact that we are used to seeing divorce in the media as either a grand emotional battle or something that involves just “signing the papers” and then…

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This week, the NY Daily News featured an article entitled, Judge Says Brooklyn Woman Can Use Facebook To Serve Divorce Papers. Recently, Manhattan Supreme Court Judge, Matthew Cooper, ruled that a New York plaintiff could use Facebook to serve her hard-to-find husband with divorce papers. This landmark case could set a new state precedent on…

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Custody Modification Warranted Due to Mother’s Irresponsible Behavior

Does your ex-spouse have primary residential custody of your children? Does he/she relocate often or make rash, sporadic decisions that affect your children? In a recent Appellate Division case, Matter of Sherwood v. Barrows, the Court concluded that this kind of irresponsible behavior could warrant a modification of a pre-existing custody agreement.   In October…

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10 Ways Divorce Can Change Your Life for the Better

The downsides of a divorce are self explanatory; however there are also upsides to a divorce that sometimes get overlooked.  Whether you realize it or not, your divorce, like many other life challenges, changes you, shapes you, and strengthens you.  In the Huffington Post article, 10 Ways Divorce Can Change Your Life for the Better,…

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Steering Away from the “Keeping the Children Together” Rule

In general, the law expresses a preference for keeping siblings together. However, the application of this universal rule has become more complicated as a result of today’s changing family dynamic and the presence of half-siblings. In a recent Third Department, Appellate Division case, Matter of Adam MM. v. Toni NN., the Court awarded primary custody…

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Relocating to an Out-of-State Military Base with Children Post-Divorce

Can a military spouse relocate outside the state with children from a previous marriage, against the ex-spouse’s wishes? A recent Appellate Division case from the Third Department answered this question in the affirmative. In Adams v. Robertson, a divorced mother petitioned the Court for permission to relocate with the parties’ child, in order to live with…

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Being A Superhero For Your Children Throughout Your Divorce

This past week, the Huffington Post published an article entitled “Divorcing Parents: 4 Ways Your Can Be Super Heroes To Your Children,” written by Michael Aurit, the Founder of The Aurit Center for Divorce Mediation in Scottsdale, Arizona. This article directed the reader’s attention to ways that parents can discuss their divorce with their children…

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Bitter Custody Battles and the Effect on Children

    This week, the Yahoo Parenting Column featured an article entitled “$1 Million a Month in Child Support? Inside a Billionaire’s Nasty Divorce Battle”, written by Jennifer O’Neill. The article focuses on the divorce of hedge fund billionaire Ken Griffin from his wife of eleven years, Anne Dias Griffin.   The Griffins are currently…

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