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Why Americans Get Divorced

The NY Post recently published an article entitled, “Why marriages fail: Romance just isn’t enough” about a study done by the Austin Institute for the Study of Family and Culture.  The Austin Institute surveyed 4,000 divorced adults ranging in ages from 18-60 for a survey entitled “Relationships in America”. For the past forty or so…

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How to Talk to Your Partner About Financial Infidelity

When most people hear the term “infidelity” they would immediately relate it to having a physical and/or emotional affair with someone other than their spouse.  However, there is another form of infidelity that that could be equally deceitful, financial infidelity.  When you find out that your significant other is undermining the financial success and stability…

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Divorce Rates Increase for Americans over 50

The NY Times posted an article titled “Divorce After 50 Grows More Common.”  The article discusses the increase in divorce rate among Americans aged 50 and over, a trend some refer to as the “gray divorce revolution”. Currently, more Americans aged 50 and above are divorced than widowed.  This is the first time in history…

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