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Bitter Custody Dispute Over Frozen Embryos Ensues

Whenever couples divorce, issues pertaining to equitable division of assets are bound to arise along with matters such as child custody and support, when relevant. Typically, parties work through their attorneys to divide items fairly and at times, can even work cooperatively to solve these issues in an amicable and efficient manner. While personal belongings…

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Becoming The Brady Bunch: Blending Families After A Divorce

When you have children and you are going through a divorce, you must always remember that the children will always have their mother and father, even when the family becomes blended with new spouses and siblings.  In a recent Huffington Post article, “What Kids With Divorced Parents Need To Remember,” Rebecca Ryan discusses her life…

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Being A Superhero For Your Children Throughout Your Divorce

This past week, the Huffington Post published an article entitled “Divorcing Parents: 4 Ways Your Can Be Super Heroes To Your Children,” written by Michael Aurit, the Founder of The Aurit Center for Divorce Mediation in Scottsdale, Arizona. This article directed the reader’s attention to ways that parents can discuss their divorce with their children…

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How DNA Testing is Changing Fatherhood

Imagine discovering that your child you raised from birth, took to dance recitals, tucked into bed each night, and loved unconditionally was not actually your child. New Yorks Times article “Who Knew I was Not the Father” describes a father’s worst nightmare. The article reports that a man who had raised his daughter for four…

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Family Law Cases: Paternity

Do you have questions about a paternity case in New York? In child custody and child support cases, the issue of paternity could come into question. If the parents were married at the time of the birth of a child, paternity of both parents is presumed under law. The difficulties arise when the couple was…

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