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Equitable Distribution

Celebrating New Years and the Start of Divorce Month

The month of January typically sees the most new divorce filings of the calendar year, earning it the nickname, ‘Divorce Month.’ This week, the Huffington Post featured several articles about the overabundance of divorce actions being commenced at the start of a new year.   In his article, When Divorce is a New Year’s Resolution,…

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Surviving the Holidays After or During a Divorce

The holidays are undoubtedly one of the most difficult times of the year for divorced and broken families. This is especially true during the first few years after the divorce when families are still trying to re-build and transition to the new family unit. This week, the Huffington Post featured a number of articles about…

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Why You Should Consider Entering into a Prenuptial Agreement

This week the Huffington Post featured an article entitled, “Prenuptial Agreements for Peace of Mind and Post-Coital Bliss.” The article, co-authored by a family lawyer and a financial planner, focused on the potential benefits of entering into a prenuptial agreement with a future spouse. A prenuptial agreement is a contract entered into before marriage. The…

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Ex-Wife of CEO Oil Tycoon to Appeal $1 Billion Divorce Award

On Monday November 10, 2014, Sue Ann Hamm, the ex-wife of Oklahoma oil tycoon Harold Hamm, was awarded more than $1 billion dollars as part of a divorce award. As part of the judgment, Harold was ordered to pay his ex-wife $995 million, plus their California ranch and their Oklahoma home, worth tens of millions…

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Nationwide Changes to Alimony Laws

The Chicago Tribune featured an article last week that detailed a bill signed into law by New Jersey Governor Chris Christie that will effectively end lifetime alimony payments to former spouses. In sum, the law will limit the required time of alimony payments to be equal to or shorter than the duration of the parties’…

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Husband tricks wife into fake nuptials, divorces her, then takes apartment

The New York Post recently posted an article entitled “Husband tricks wife into fake nuptials, divorces her, then takes apartment.” According to the Post, when  a New York resident and boutique owner went to file for divorce, she was shocked to find out that her 2010 wedding had been a sham.  Her and her spouse…

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Will Fertility Be Included In Equitable Distribution?

As the medical field advances, new legal questions are posed.  It is becoming increasingly popular for couples to consider various fertility options.  The NY Times, in its article “Alimony for Your Eggs” considered what happens when couples who participated in fertility treatments, like freezing eggs, get divorced. New legal questions are posed as to whether…

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