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Child Support

Celebrating New Years and the Start of Divorce Month

The month of January typically sees the most new divorce filings of the calendar year, earning it the nickname, ‘Divorce Month.’ This week, the Huffington Post featured several articles about the overabundance of divorce actions being commenced at the start of a new year.   In his article, When Divorce is a New Year’s Resolution,…

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Surviving the Holidays After or During a Divorce

The holidays are undoubtedly one of the most difficult times of the year for divorced and broken families. This is especially true during the first few years after the divorce when families are still trying to re-build and transition to the new family unit. This week, the Huffington Post featured a number of articles about…

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Parenting Styles and the American Marriage

A recent article detailed how changes in parenting styles are taking a toll on marriages throughout the United States. The piece argues that over the past few generations, parenting has become synonymous with religion and that like faith, parents must never go against their children or speak negatively about them to others. However, it seems…

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Remarriage on the Rise

Today, U.S. News featured an article entitled, “Remarriage on the Rise in the U.S.,” which focused on the rising trend of remarriage in our country. According to statistics from a report by the Pew Research Center, in 2013, 40% of new marriages included at least one partner who had been married before. In 2013, nearly…

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How To Protect Your Finances During a Divorce

The divorce rate nationwide has doubled over the past 25 years and experts expect that by 2030, more than 800,000 American couples will be divorcing each year. Legal separations and divorce can be difficult on nearly every aspect of your life so it is essential to plan accordingly.   The New York Times recently featured…

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Age of Majority and Child Custody Determinations

             In a recent Second Department case, the court dismissed a father’s appeal, challenging the lower court’s award of sole custody of the parties’ three children to their mother. The appeal was dismissed by the Second Department because the parties’ oldest son had reached the age of majority. The court…

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Upcoming Changes for Support Modifications as Referenced in Family Court Act

New amendments to section 451 of the Family Court Act are set to go into effect on December 22, 2014. These changes will result in new requirements for parties seeking to modify an order of support. Mainly, a petitioner– the party that is seeking to modify the monthly support obligation– will be mandated to include…

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Nationwide Changes to Alimony Laws

The Chicago Tribune featured an article last week that detailed a bill signed into law by New Jersey Governor Chris Christie that will effectively end lifetime alimony payments to former spouses. In sum, the law will limit the required time of alimony payments to be equal to or shorter than the duration of the parties’…

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The Future Of American Divorce

While the practice of divorce is nothing new to the American family, people nationwide may soon be reshaping their idea of how divorce proceedings should occur. A recent New York Times article detailed a new project based in Sacramento, California that offered a “Do- It- Yourself” spin on simple divorce filings. While this concept may…

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