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Child Custody

Silver Linings to Getting Divorced

Getting divorced does not always have to be a negative experience.  In many ways getting divorced can make you a better person; you just have to remain open minded.  In her Huffington Post article, “10 Unexpected Silver Linings of Divorce”, Carolyn Martin explores the upsides of divorce. Martin describes herself now, post-divorce, as more self-confident…

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With Same- Sex Marriage Comes Same- Sex Divorce

While most Americans are still celebrating last week’s landmark Supreme Court decision which legalized gay marriage in all 50 states, others are already beginning to question what this means for potential same- sex divorce. The Huffington Post recently featured a piece that detailed the journey of two women that were legally married in Massachusetts in…

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Love is Love

“No union is more profound than marriage, for it embodies the highest ideals of love, fidelity, devotion, sacrifice and family.  In forming a marital union, two people become something greater than once they were.”  Justice Anthony M. Kennedy wrote for the majority in the historic decision; “No longer may this liberty be denied.” Whereas New…

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Divorce: Morally Necessary?

This week, Pope Francis shocked many when he addressed the issue of divorce and declared that marriage dissolution is sometimes inevitable and even morally necessary when the safety of women and children are at stake. This stance is quite progressive for the Catholic Church, which does not recognize civil divorce, but rather, only Church- sanctioned…

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The Best Way to Ask Your Spouse for a Divorce

That’s it – you can’t do it anymore.  You’re done.  You have tried your hardest for years, but you just can’t seem to make it work.  You want out of your marriage, but do not know how to bring up the topic of divorce to your spouse without devastating them or triggering a war.  The…

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Who’s Your Daddy

As Father’s Day approaches, men across America are looking at little ones and wondering, “Is he or she mine?”  In her New York Post article, “Dear Spouses, Stop Cheating on Each Other – For the Kids”, Andrea Peyser exposes the horrors of being unsure who your child’s father is as a result of having affairs…

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Divorcing Seniors: Tips to Remember

A recent Bowling Green State University study revealed that the divorce rate for Americans over the age of 50 has nearly doubled since 1990. Of this generation of divorcees, approximately 48% were divorcing their first spouse. All divorce proceedings are tied to unique problems, however seniors that elect to end their marriage, particularly from their…

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Becoming The Brady Bunch: Blending Families After A Divorce

When you have children and you are going through a divorce, you must always remember that the children will always have their mother and father, even when the family becomes blended with new spouses and siblings.  In a recent Huffington Post article, “What Kids With Divorced Parents Need To Remember,” Rebecca Ryan discusses her life…

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5 Myths to Legally Separate From (even if you’re single)

There tends to be several common misconceptions or “myths” regarding divorce, even amongst those who may not necessarily be seeking a divorce.  This is partially because of the fact that we are used to seeing divorce in the media as either a grand emotional battle or something that involves just “signing the papers” and then…

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