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10 Reasons I’m a Better Person Because My Parents are Divorced

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Yesterday, The New York Post featured an article entitled, “10 Reasons I’m a Better Person Because My Parents are Divorced.” The article was written by Elizabeth Kiefer, a woman whose parents divorced when she was thirteen years old. Looking back, Kiefer explains that when she was young, she thought her parents’ divorce was the worst thing that happened to her.


However, after some time to reflect, she realized that divorce taught her some valuable life lessons. Her parents’ divorce “helped her grow” and she “wouldn’t go back and change a thing.”


The ten lessons Kiefer learned from her parents’ divorce include:


  1. Divorce made me a better communicator.
  2. Divorce made me fearless about starting fresh.
  3. Divorce gave me the power to walk away from relationships that aren’t  working.
  4. Divorce allowed me to see my mom and dad as people, not just parents.
  5. Divorce brought me closer to my sister.
  6. Divorce helped me get comfortable with gray areas.
  7. Divorce gave me insight into what healthy relationships really look like.
  8. Divorce taught me to (try to!) accept things I can’t change.
  9. Divorce showed me how to comfort someone — and that sometimes, it means just staying quiet.
  10. Divorce expanded my definition of family.


It is undeniable that divorce can be difficult for children. Therefore, many couples think that ‘staying together for the kids’ is the best option. However, while divorce may be stressful and emotionally draining at the time, it may be more beneficial not only for you, but also your children, in the long run.


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