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Divorce Rate Skyrockets for Long-Term Marriages

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The divorce and separation rate for long-time married couples is at an all time high.  AARP recently posted an article entitled, “Why Long Married Couples End In Separation Or Divorce?”

AARP recently conducted a study on the sexuality of people aged 45 and older.  One of the results of that study was that an extramarital affair is not the main reason behind why most long-term relationships and marriages end.  One reason the study found was that some marriages are declining for years and at some point they reach their lowest point.  The article compared these situations to a balloon.  Most marriages are slowly “seeping air” for a long time, and at some point the balloon becomes “totally deflated.  Another potential reason many couples divorce is that their issues intensify.  Oftentimes,  a couple’s dilemmas and problems are manageable, but a change in job, or health, personal ambitions, etc. can make a small molehill turn into a mountain.  An additional possibility behind why long marriages end is because the couple grows apart.  Lack of trust and communication issues are also cited as common causes of divorce among long-term married individuals.

The article also went on to explore why more now than ever before the divorce age is rising for those aged 45 and above.  AARP cites longevity as the reason behind this phenomenon.  Now, people in their mid-sixties are living 20 years longer than they used to, and are feeling much more active and healthy than their sixty-something year old counterparts in the past generations.  These individuals want to spend the next 20-30 plus years being happy, loved, not frustrated, or disappointed.  Additionally, the baby boomers are now in their 50s and above.  The boomers were the originators of the higher divorce rate, and that mindset is continuing with that generation as they age.

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