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Social Media Clauses In Pre-Nuptial Agreements

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Social media has allowed for anyone to post whatever they want all over the internet.  People can post things like reviews of the latest movies, photographs of the great meal they just had, or even nasty comments about their ex spouse.

Due to this, many lawyers are implementing what is known as a “social media clause” into pre- and post-nuptial agreements.  A recent Fox New York story examined these clauses.  The social media clause creates limits on what a couple can post, share, tweet, etc and implements penalties for violating these terms.  Many couples are adding clauses like these to ensure that if a breakup or divorce does occur in the future, there will be no “hate posts” posted online.  What is said about you online can have effect many areas of your life, like your job or even your children. This is a great clause that should be added to every pre or post-nuptial agreements.

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