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Bitter Custody Dispute Over Frozen Embryos Ensues

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Whenever couples divorce, issues pertaining to equitable division of assets are bound to arise along with matters such as child custody and support, when relevant. Typically, parties work through their attorneys to divide items fairly and at times, can even work cooperatively to solve these issues in an amicable and efficient manner. While personal belongings such as furniture, house ware, artwork, and electronics can easily be divided, what about items that are less tangible? Herein: frozen embryos.

A California couple is dealing with this difficult issue and their story is making headlines. NBC recently highlighted the divorce of Dr. Mimi Lee, a concert pianist and practicing Doctor from her husband, a successful financial analyst. The couple underwent fertility treatment during the course of their marriage after cancer treatments left Dr. Lee infertile and are now fighting over rights to the five embryos. The wife contends that these embryos are the only way for her to have children while the husband argues that as per the contract the parties entered into when they began treatment at the University of California San Francisco Medical Center Center’s for Reproductive Health, the five embryos should be destroyed in the event of a divorce.

Dr. Lee’s attorneys have argued that she should be entitled to her own genetic property, while the husband’s counsel has stated that financials are the only motive in this case. The on-going trial is scheduled to end Thursday and the Judge has 90 days to return a decision that might favor one or neither of the parties.

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