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Simplifying the Divorce Process: 7 Small Steps to Make Divorce Easier on You and Your Family

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The Huffington Post recently detailed an article that provided readers with a few small steps or habits that all parties should consider adopting when meandering the divorce process. While divorce may seem overwhelming, expensive, and emotional, it is important to remember that your day- to- day activity and attitude can make all the difference for you and your loved ones.

  1. Remain In Contact With Your Soon To Be Ex- spouse Via E-mail. Communicating by email can make it easier to discuss pressing issues such as finances and the needs of your children. Writing out the points of your communication can help to clarify, while avoiding unnecessary arguments.
  2. Maintain Records Of Everything. (emphasis on the importance of the first tip listed above!). This is especially important with respect to finances and children. When parties enter a court proceeding with records of expenses and communication, the litigants, attorneys, Judge and/or Support Magistrate are able to get a more accurate picture of the parties’ behavior.
  3. Make Every Effort to Provide Your Child(ren) With Support They Need. Divorce is often difficult for adults to fully understand and adjust to, so it is especially important that children of all ages receive the support they need. For some, loving encouragement from their parents and family members is sufficient while other children might find it more productive to discuss these changes with a neutral, third party either in a group or individual setting.
  4. Give Mediation A Chance. Mediation is a great alternative for some families to work through issues without having to return to court every time a small dispute arises. While the process is certainly not for all parties, it can be cost effective and more time efficient.
  5. Change Your Ex’s Name To “Co Parent” In Your Phone. This small reminder will help many to remember that your children are the most important part of the entire divorce process. When minor, potential arguments may arise, it can be helpful to see “co parent” to remind you of the role that your communication with your spouse should serve.
  6. Clear Out Old Belongings: When couples separate, belongings are often left behind that remind the remaining partner of bad times in their marriage. Removing these items and returning them to your spouse can help you cleanse both mentally and physically.
  7. Remember To Say “Thank you”: If you and your spouse have children together, you must work cooperatively as a team, even during the most trying times of your divorce proceedings. Simple politeness can make the other person feel appreciated and fosters a productive relationship for your future and the well-being of your children.

While these tips can certainly help to simplify the basics of divorce, matrimonial issues can become extremely complex and can affect issues such as custody, child and/or spousal support, health insurance, your retirement, and even your ability to relocate. If you or a loved one has questions regarding divorce or legal separation, contact the Law Offices of Jay D. Raxenberg today. Mr. Raxenberg’s firm has over two decades of experience handling complex matrimonial and family law cases in New York State Supreme and Family Court. Please call (516) 491- 0565 or toll free at (888) 543-4867 to schedule your complimentary consultat

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