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Ways Men Say They Bounced Back From Divorce

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When it comes to advice on moving-on post-divorce, men seem to get the short shrift.  The reality is that divorce is just as crushing for men as it is for women.  Rerouting your future when the relationship falls apart is hard regardless of whether you are a man or woman.  To help balance things out a bit Brittany Wong asked a few divorced men to share their best advice on rebuilding after divorce in her Huffington Post Article.  Here is what they said:

  1. Remember you only divorced your spouse, not your children: Your marriage may not have worked out, but that does not mean that you are any less responsible for the well-being of your kids; they need you in their life now more than ever.
  2. Stop asking, “What if?”: If you allow yourself to, you could spend every waking moment analyzing what you should have done differently in your marriage, but the marriage is over – the next step is to move on.
  3. Don’t feel guilty: Like countless other couples, you and your ex went into your marriage with the best of intentions and it simply didn’t work out. Remind yourself that there is no shame in splitting up.
  4. Don’t introduce your kids to everyone you date: There is a good chance that you are eager to get back out there and date, but it’s important to recognize that your children don’t need to meet everyone.
  5. Add some routine to your life: Falling into a routine will provide some much-needed stability to your life.

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