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Follow Up: Summer Camp > Juvie

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Last week, our blog published a post about the California case that drew international attention and concern when a Judge sentenced three children to a Juvenile Detention Facility for an uncertain amount of time after the children refused to visit with their estranged father. The Judge accused the children’s mother of “brainwashing” them throughout the five year duration of the couple’s divorce and defended her drastic decision by stating that removing the children from the home was the only way to ensure a relationship with their father in the future.

We are happy to report that the Judge has since ordered the removal of the children from the Juvenile Detention Facility and has decided it is in their best interest to spend the upcoming weeks at summer camp.

Additionally, the children’s father recently filed a motion seeking sole legal and physical custody, claiming that the children’s mother has been a “constant roadblock” in pursuing a stable and healthy relationship with the children. A hearing has been scheduled for next week to address these new petitions.

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