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Don’t Forget Your Vows, Change Them

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This week, the Huffington Post published an article entitled “Forgotten Vows,” written by Susan Saper Galamba, a divorce and family law attorney. The article directed the reader’s attention to the meaning of wedding day vows and how even after divorce some aspects of the vows still remain true.


During the divorce process, tolerance of a spouse may seem limited, and the “for better” portion of the vows may seem impossible to remember, but what Ms. Galamba brings to the reader’s attention is the importance of changing the meaning of your wedding vows. Especially to benefit the children.


When children are involved in a divorce, there are two truths: (1) the best interests of the child are always of the utmost importance, and (2) there is no “I” or “mine,” but rather a “we” in parenting. Galamba draws attention to the fact that “the stage will be set “ for children to internalize anger and resentment, when the importance of the other parent is minimized.


“Once a marriage is on the path to divorce, or been officially dissolved,” Galamba states, “the reason for destruction should not erase the ‘for better’ part of the union or destroy the knowledge that you can control your future.”


Getting divorced can be difficult, for both the couple and the children. In order to make it easier, there needs to be a supportive relationship between the parents and children. Galamba suggests making the following words your reality: “From this day forward I will support your relationship with our children, and take control of my life and my future.”


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