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Couple Spends Over One-Third of their Fortune on Divorce Litigation Costs

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Last week, The Telegraph, a British Newspaper, featured an article entitled “Couple Racks Up Legal Bills of Nearly £1m Fighting Divorce Battle (Over Assets Worth Just £2.9m).” To be clear, that is over $1.25 million spent on assets worth a little over $3.5 million; the couple has spent over a third of everything they have built up over 18 years, just to fund their divorce litigation.

When asked to comment, the Justice presiding over this matter exclaimed, “I must confess to have been almost lost for words when the scale of this madness was revealed to me.” According to Justice Mostyn, the couple’s dispute over the division of assets was “easily settleable” but has become contentious and wasteful due to the parties’ inability to compromise.

At the end of the lawsuit, the marital assets will be divided as follows: the wife will receive approximately $1.4 million (38.9% of the assets), the husband will receive approximately $1.05 million (29.2% of the assets), and the lawyers and experts will walk away with approximately $1.15 million (31.9% of the assets). Commenting on this division, Justice Mostyn stated, “These figures speak for themselves…such a result should not be allowed to happen again.”

While the divorce process may be emotional for both you and your family, it doesn’t need to leave you without any money. If your marriage is ending and you want a cost-effective and timely solution, The Law Offices of Jay D. Raxenberg can help. Most of our cases end in settlement, saving our clients the headache of going to court and the time and money involved in protracted litigation. My office has built its reputation on our ability to listen, communicate, and negotiate creative and equitable resolutions.

Unfortunately, not all spouses are ready to consider negotiation. In cases where a fair and equitable settlement cannot be achieved by settlement, my cases are handled with skillful and aggressive representation. If your case ends up in court, rest assured that Jay D. Raxenberg, Long Island Divorce Lawyer, will aggressively pursue your best interests. Please call (516) 491-0565 or toll free at (888) 543-4867 or contact us online to arrange your complimentary consultation.

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