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Tips For Successful Co- Parenting

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For couples with children, the only issue that is perhaps more difficult than the actual decision to divorce, is how to successfully co- parent with one’s former spouse. Whether the kids live with Mom or Dad, within the same town or across the country, various issues are bound to arise and it is imperative that both parents work together in order to communicate effectively for the best interests of the child.

A recent article published in the Huffington Post compiled a list of tips that were developed by therapists and family law attorneys to ensure a healthy, working relationship for all families regarding of their individual circumstances.

First, the “Don’ts”: Be sure to refrain from speaking poorly of your ex in front of the children including but not limited to past decisions and current behavior, do not encourage your children to get answers to your questions or concerns, never make your children feel as though they need to choose “Mom” or “Dad” and ensure to never compensate your child for your personal guilt through material objects or permitting bad behavior from the child.

While that might seem like a lot to digest, the encouraging behavior in the “Do’s” will work to negate stress and poor behavior that can be detrimental to a working relationship with your former spouse and children.

Be sure to: Remember that you alone remain in control of your actions, keep in mind the effects your behavior and relations have on your children, sit down with your ex and make an affirmative plan regarding scheduling, finances, and work to put your differences aside, agree to not disparage one another, especially in the presence of your children, and to update one another about changes (i.e. new relationships, plans to move, etc.) as they may potentially affect your children and the working relationship between the two adults.

Not only will this advice ease tension and make daily routines more cohesive, but such “good behavior” is highly regarded by courts nationwide should future proceedings need to arise.

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