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While the practice of divorce is nothing new to the American family, people nationwide may soon be reshaping their idea of how divorce proceedings should occur. A recent New York Times article detailed a new project based in Sacramento, California that offered a “Do- It- Yourself” spin on simple divorce filings. While this concept may seem foreign to the average American who often equates any legal matter with thousands of dollars in fees and endless hours in litigation, these new options are becoming increasingly popular throughout Europe. For example, Dutch businessman Jim Halfens recently established DivorceHotel, which permits divorcing couples with relatively simple proceedings to check into a hotel on Friday, spend the weekend meeting with neutral attorneys and a mediator, and check out of the hotel on Monday with a divorce agreement that will soon be finalized by a court of law.

While Americans may not be making reservations at DivorceHotel any time in the near future, Sacramento Supreme Court’s pilot program has been receiving positive reviews from many parties who have taken advantage of this 24- hour divorce option. Though the entire process is not entirely started and finished in one day, as parties are required to have already filed correct divorce petitions and offer proof of residency to the court, it does permit for separating couples with very little assets and complications to save a great deal in attorney fees.

Readers may be asking themselves, “When can I book my flight to California?!” however, it is important to remember that this option is not appropriate for every divorce proceeding. One party who was not a participant in the California program but nonetheless was interviewed by the Times for insight on her decision to attempt to handle her divorce pro se detailed how she wasted invaluable time and expenses. It is important to remember that something as seemingly insignificant as incorrect document formatting can result in months of delay in court.

The American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers encourages parties to research self- help clinics offered by many local courts however cautions against not hiring an attorney, particularly when matters such as finances, division of assets, and custody of children are not entirely clear.

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