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How to Talk to Your Partner About Financial Infidelity

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When most people hear the term “infidelity” they would immediately relate it to having a physical and/or emotional affair with someone other than their spouse.  However, there is another form of infidelity that that could be equally deceitful, financial infidelity.  When you find out that your significant other is undermining the financial success and stability of your family, it is more than likely that more problems will ensue.

US News published an article entitled “What to Do When Your Partner Commits Financial Infidelity”.  This article outlines three important steps to take if there are trust issues based on secretive behavior related to finances happening in your relationship.

The first step is to decide what you want from the situation.  Before embarking on a confrontation with your partner, you should to engage in some reflection time.  Think about what type of outcome would be most ideal, and whether there are any other related issues that you think need to be discussed now also.

The next step US News advises you take is to ask yourself why your partner is doing this.  Evaluate whether you and your partner have the same financial goals in relation to saving and spending.  Consider whether an addiction may be to blame.  Try to understand your significant other’s issues before engaging in a dialogue, it could help to steer the conversation in a more positive manner.

The final step is to actually engage in a dialogue with your partner.  Attempt to keep the conversation as calm as possible.  If it turns into an angry confrontation, your best to end the conversation there and attempt to return to it after you both have had a period to cool down and relax.  If the two of you are not getting to a resolution, there could be deeper rooted issues in your relationship than just the financial ones.  Try to not engage in confrontation based solely on your emotions.  The best way to get to the root of the problem and solve the issue is to have calm, open and honest dialogue with your partner.

Unfortunately, not all of these problems can be solved on your own.  If you want to speak to an accomplished and knowledgeable divorce attorney, contact the law offices of Jay D. Raxenberg for a complementary consultation!

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