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Divorce Rates Increase for Americans over 50

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The NY Times posted an article titled “Divorce After 50 Grows More Common.”  The article discusses the increase in divorce rate among Americans aged 50 and over, a trend some refer to as the “gray divorce revolution”.

Currently, more Americans aged 50 and above are divorced than widowed.  This is the first time in history that this is the case, and the trend only seems to be continuing.  Fifty years ago, less than 3 percent of Americans older than 50 were divorced.  But now, according to the 2011 US Census, 15.4% of Americans in that same age group are divorced.  Divorce rates have tended to slightly decrease over the past few years, however that is not the case for people 50 and older as the divorce rate for that age group has doubled over the past 25 years.

Contributors to the article help to explain this trend by looking to the baby boomers.  A researcher noted that many of the baby boomers are in their second or third marriages, which can be more susceptible to divorce.    Others contribute this phenomenon to lengthening life expectancies, since life expectancy is longer, the likelihood that a marriage will end due to death is lower.


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