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Nuptial Agreements: Not Always a Full-Proof Plan

Nuptial Agreements: Not Always a Full-Proof Plan There are a whole host of opinions and views surrounding the concepts of “prenuptial and postnuptial agreements.” While some see it as a premonition of failure or as an insulting slap in the face others consider it a necessity put in place to protect their hard earned fortunes…

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Managing the Holidays: After or During a Divorce

The Holiday’s can become a stressful period of time for anyone, but how can people after or during a divorce cope with the major transition of separation during the Holidays? The article Happier Holidays During and After Divorce by Jane Zatylny explains that preparation and creating new traditions are key to dealing with the Holiday’s.…

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Divorce and the Dangers of Electronic Data

In today’s society, everything is accessible at the touch of our fingertips, our emails, texts, social medial accounts, etc.  It has become the new normal to connect our emails and text messages through multiple devices, like our cell phones and iPads.   So how can this effect those individuals going through a divorce? Well, the article…

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